The Gochdash enterprise was founded in 2005. Main activity: distribution of construction materials, both imported and local production. The company's customers are both shops and end consumers who can order products through the website. At the moment, there are about 200 SKUs in the assortment, which are sold in more than 500 outlets for construction purposes. The demand for the company's products is growing successfully in the market. The company is ready to move to the next stage of development. The company uses a high-tech approach to business management and is one of the most advanced distributors of building materials in Turkmenistan. Our company positions itself as a single center between manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and consumers, based on modern technologies. We work both with standard directions and distribution channels, and are actively engaged online, as well as offline, relying on our experience, knowledge and tools.

Our features

Modern accounting system

Logo ERP allows you to control and monitor warehouses, inventory planning, order proposal. Simplification of document flow. Registration, issuance, parameterization, storage and many other functions for company documents - minimization of manual labor and the human factor. Allows you to make the system transparent to everyone..

Different marketing sales channels

Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity, which allows customers to save their time and money.

Customers value simplicity and ease of service, they are not ready to stand in line to purchase a product or service they like.

The website offers great opportunities for attracting target audience through the implementation of various Internet marketing tools. Updating the design of our website contributes to a more comfortable acquaintance with the company, and the release of a mobile application simplifies the ordering process to a minimum. Download our app is easiest way get wide list of our goods in best form. The IOS version of our app is already available on AppStore.

End-to-end analytics

End-to-end analytics services are tools that collect data on orders, sales from various external sources and combine them into a consolidated report.

End-to-end analytics helped Gochdash address four business challenges:

  1. Consider all sources of leads and compare their performance.
  2. Identify effective customer acquisition channels and advertising campaigns.
  3. Identify ineffective advertising channels / campaigns and disable or optimize them.
  4. Calculate total customer acquisition costs and costs for each source.

The use of this system is a proof that our company is keeping up with the times. Modernization of business management schemes is the guarantee of Gochdash's success.

Wide assortment of goods

The Gochdash company, with many years of experience in the relise of building materials behind its back, provides an opportunity for each buyer to choose suitable products for construction, repair and household purposes of any price segment. With Gochdash, you can find affordable prices for many types of goods such as:

  • Alchipan, made in different color variations
  • Dry mixes for pre- and post-treatment of wall covering
  • Huge selection of alkyl anamed paints
  • A range of acrylic paints for any color.
The high level of customer service at Gochdash is the main priority of the company's work. Every customer who makes an order will receive a nice bonus - absolutely free delivery.


The Gochdash enterprise was founded in 2005. Main activity: distribution of construction materials, both imported and local production.

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