It is impossible to level the walls and prepare them for decorative finishing without spackles. They may differ in composition, form of implementation, grainsize and some other parameters. Such a variety of spackles was created by manufacturers so that in each specific case we can choose the most suitable material: it is easy to guess that for internal and external work you will need a different composition.


According to the purpose, the spackle is usually divided into the following types:

  • starting (leveling);
  • finishing (decorative);
  • universal.

The main difference is the graininess of the material.

Starter spackle have high grit size, excellent strength and adhesion. They are intended for leveling walls with visible defects and a difference of up to 10-15 mm, can be applied with a layer of 3 mm to 2 cm. Such compositions can be used as an independent leveling agent or used after plastering. For best results it is better to apply the starter spackle in a couple of coats. You can work with two spatulas: one a little more - for applying the mixture to the wall, the second - for taking the mixture from the container. If the wall surface contains not just defects in the form of pits, but has vertical deviations, then you will have to take a long building rule.
The finishing spackle is applied over the starting spackle, intended for the final wall cladding before decorative finishing (painting, wallpapering). Such compositions are distinguished by less granularity, therefore, they allow you to form a perfectly flat and smooth surface. In terms of strength, the finishing spackle is inferior to the starting one, can be applied with a maximum of 5 mm layer, and is easy to process. As in the case of the starter compound, it is better to apply the finishing compound in two coats. For subsequent painting choose a fine-grained spackle (100 microns)
Universal compounds are suitable for both leveling and finishing. It makes sense to use them when the surface is characterized by minimal irregularities and drops. Such spackles are more expensive than starting and decorative, but inferior in quality to them. In the presence of serious flaws, it is more advisable to take two separate compositions - you will win in money and in result.


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